Score Repose-pieds Basic 952

44_Bakker Elkhuizen footmate Basic 952
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€238,37 TVAC

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€197,00 hors TVA
€238,37 TVAC
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Score footform Basic 952

The Basic 952 ergonomic footrest provides legs with firm support.
This footrest helps maintain a good sitting posture while working at VDU screens.


  • Ergonomic: Height adjustable (60-270 mm) and adjustable angle provides stable support for the feet
  • Comfortable: contoured foot platform to minimize slip (420x315 mm)
  • Setting up with: foot


  • Dimensions: 420 x 80 x 320 mm (B x H x D)
  • Weight: 5.9 kg
  • Product code: BNEFRB952


We advise a footrest which is at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep. Its adjustable range should be at least 11 cm as measured from the floor surface. The slope of the support surface must be adjustable from 5 to at least 15 degrees.

Health & Safety Regulations

A footrest van help out when the desk is not properly height adjustable. A good footrest prevents the pinching off the blood stream and can help improve the a healthy body posture