Arper Parentesit Tissu Tonus 4

Decorative modular wall panel that is sound-absorbent and can be accessoired with an audio or light, or audio + light system. Dimensions: Oval 180 x 152 cm, consisting of two separable halves, available in one colour or two colors version. Electric cable not included. ( Tissu Tonus, Avec ou sans LED , Avec ou sans haut-parleur )
€1452,00 hors TVA
€1756,92 TVAC

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Tissu Tonus
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90% New wool, 10% Helanca
Avec ou sans LED
Avec ou sans haut-parleur
€1452,00 hors TVA
€1756,92 TVAC
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Plus d'infos

Parentesit Wall Panel

The sound absorbing Parentesit Wall Panel is made from an internal panel that has been tested and certified for its superior performance in absorbing ambient sound. In the testing process, to maximize the effectiveness of the sound absorbing Parentesit Wall Panel, upholstery options are available in fabrics that help to muffle sound, giving additional protection against environmental noise and increased opportunity for quiet, uninterrupted work.

  • The internal panel was tested in a controlled echo chamber according to the UNI EN ISO 354 standard. The results shown here indicate absorption coefficients for every frequency tested, demonstrating the efficacy of Parentesit to reduce noise under a broad range of frequencies.

  • According to the industry standard used to classify sound absorbing material, ISO 11654, the values of sound absorbing coefficients are expressed by a. This table shows the sound absorbing curves classified in classes form A to E, where A is the best.

  • Note: The sound absorbing characteristics are lost if it is upholstered with non breathable materials.